Online Communities and Games

Online communities and games enables students to gain a deeper understand of the planned lesson and offer and motivating space for students to learn. “Online communities are interesting spaces for students to engage in a different form of communication.” (Howell, 2012, p215) Using games in the classroom has many advantages some of these are children become more motivated and engaged in classroom activities and students are able to build a positive online community within the classroom; Games also allows each student to work at their ability level and provides feedback on individual progress to both the student and teacher, this allows the teacher to develop lessons that scaffolds students’ academic abilities “Due to new technologies new approaches to learning become possible, diversifying the range of learning experiences available, and thereby engaging with people who have not achieved their full potential with more traditional approaches.”(Ritke-Jones, 2010) online communities and games can also be beneficial within the home environment; this allows students to continue online relationships with their classmates as well as continue their lessons that they have learned at home. When using online communities and games in a classroom as a teacher you need to be fluent with the resource that is going to be introduced.
Here are some useful gaming websites that can be used within the classroom:

Howell, J (2012). Teaching with ICT: Digital Pedagogies for Collaboration and
Ritke-Jones, (2010 Virtual) Environments for Corporate Education: Employee Learning and Solutions retrieved


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